I am dedicated to helping people live more fulfilling lives.

Do you wonder if your life could be more satisfying? Your relationships feel more connected? Can you be yourself AND have what you want? The answer is Yes!

People come to therapy for all kinds of reasons.

Sometimes you try your best, but things aren’t working out the way you hoped. My job is to listen, ask questions and notice. We can figure out how your life has fallen into place, like fitting pieces of a puzzle together, bringing the whole picture into focus.

Expect a warm, safe, respectful space.

Let’s talk about how you want your life to be different. I will encourage you to reflect on the strategic ways you have adapted, given your unique circumstances, and to experiment with something new and (perhaps daringly) authentic from your heart, the place of truth. I want to understand who you are and work with you to bring out your best expression of self.